Elimination Basic Tag Style:

Each player starts with two to nine lives, depending on how long the game is meant to last. The teams start on opposite ends of the field.

Elimination Paintball Style:

Each player starts with only one life. When a player is “dead” they hold their gun in the air, walk off the field, and wait until the game is over. The winning team is the one that tags out, or eliminates, the entire other team.

Capture the Flag

Base Flags Game:

Each base has a flag. The objective of the game is to capture the opposing team’s flag and return it to the other base to win.

Center Flag Game:

The game starts by placing one flag in the center of the playing area. Both teams try to capture the flag and advance it to the opposing team’s base to win.

Quick Draw:

Players start out 15 feet apart back to back. The referee yells go, and whoever has the quickest trigger finger wins.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire:

This game involves each player having a dollar or a token (monopoly money can be used). When a player is “killed”, that player stands still and holds out his or her dollar, and whoever can get to it gets to keep it. Players only give up one dollar when shot. Play can go on indefinitely until a player has all the money (when choosing this game, keep in mind that the dollars must be provided by the host of the party. Recycle at a certain location), or until everyone is dead.


The game begins with each team being assigned a medic, who starts out with four lives. Everyone else has only one life each. As long as a team’s medic is still alive, that team can run to the referee to get reset if they’re “dead”. But when that team’s medic is dead, no one on that team can get reset. The medics can never be reset. The object of the game is for teams to protect their medic, and pursue the other team’s medic. The team that eliminates all the players, including the medic, on the other team wins.

Protect the President / Escort:

The game begins where each team is assigned a president, and each team knows who the other team’s president is. The presidents start with four or five lives, everyone else with only two each. The object of the game is for team’s to protect their president and kill the other team’s president. The team that kills the other team’s president first wins.


One player on each team is designated as a traitor secretly by the referee. The traitor should discreetly shoot his or her team mates so that they don’t know who he or she is immediately. Once he or she is found out they can join their new team mates.

Treasure Hunt:

Two – Three flags are hidden on the playing field. Players need to successfully find the flags and return them to the referee before getting killed. Players can go back onto the field for additional flags, but if they get killed then they lose the right to the flag they previously won. Each flag color has point values to determine winners.

Last Man Standing:

Played just like it sounds, no teams, no sides. The last man alive at the end of the game is the winner and holds all the bragging rights for the remainder of the party!

Adults vs. Kids:

It is exactly as it sounds. Take just about any game listed above and go after each other like you never have before. A big hit with adults and kids alike.

*There are other games based on field size and objective of group. We can always gear games towards specific team building goals and objectives.

*I am always open to new game suggestions, we can talk about them on site at the party. Some games recently added to our list based on at party suggestions that have been a huge hit are Turtle Tag, Army Tag, and Super Hero Tag