Party Guidelines

We will arrive approximately 1 hour ahead of party time to set up inflatables. We will need access to an outlet. We will also discuss and determine a “graveyard” location. This is the area of the yard where the eliminated players will hang out until the beginning of the next game. It is a good idea to have water for hydration in this area.


In order to get the most out of your playing time:
• Clean all animal feces from the playing field.
• Treat for Ants
• Select teams ahead of time


At the beginning of the party I will explain and post rules of play, explain use and care for the guns, and explain the next game. Teams will go to their base bunker and start at the whistle. As players get out, they will make their way to the graveyard until the next game. Games are quick and players are generally not in the graveyard for more than 5- 7 minutes between games.
After all the games have been played, guns will be turned in, I will break down the field while the players exchange war stories and enjoy the rest of their party or event.