Is my yard big enough to play laser tag?

Most likely it is. Yards do not have to be huge to play. Actually, small yards lend themselves to more games and more game time for each individual player.

Can laser tag be played in the daytime?

Yes, and it can be even more fun during the day. Look at it like paintball without the pain or the mess!

Do you do parties at night?

Yes. Many players want night parties because they want the ability to hide better and there are some people that feel the games are better at night. There does need to be some light from the home either direct or indirect to be able to facilitate the games. Nighttime games tend to take a little longer than daytime games.

Is laser tag dangerous?

Laser tag is a very safe game to play and be part of. It is safer, cleaner and less painful than paintball and has no legal age limit to be able to play (Go Go’s company policy is age 8 and up due to weight of gun and ability to follow rules) As with all sports kids or adults participate in there is the risk of injury when running around. We do have a five foot limit so that players do not collide with each other.

Will the laser hurt the player’s eyes?

No. Ikon-X guns do not shoot actual lasers. It is the same type of sensor that is used when using your remote control on your TV.

Is laser tag appropriate for my daughter?

Yes! Girls with Guns is a fun party theme and some of the best players in mixed games are girls!

Can you accommodate players with special needs?

Yes, I encourage anyone to play to the best of their ability and incorporate parental suggestions to ensure safety and fun for all.

We have a younger child as well. Can they play?

Younger siblings as young as 7 are welcome to play without assistance. The guns weight can sometimes be a challenge for them to handle. Younger children also have more difficulty understanding the team play concept. My policy of starting players at eight years old is mainly meant to ensure a good time for all the party goers.

Do you do parties for adults?

YES! We offer corporate events and parties for adults. Company picnics, team building events, bachelor or bachelorette parties, frat parties and reunions to name a few. Adult couples parties are fun and entertaining as many times the favorite game played is husbands versus wives.

What do we do if it rains?

I do try to run the games if the rain is light or if it is just foggy. I work with the host of the party to determine the best decision. I cannot operate the guns in medium to heavy rain.

When do we decide if a party is to be postponed?

In working with the party host I try to wait till the last possible minute to reschedule Weather forecasters can often times be wrong. If we do have to reschedule due to inclement weather I will work hard to find a time that works for both you and I as soon as possible. I also schedule my events so that if there is a rain delay, we can just add the time that was delayed due to rain.

Can I book a rain date?

No, rain dates may not be reserved ahead of time. I cannot block my schedule out for possibilities. We reschedule for weather based on the weather radar future cast, which is about 2 hours before your event since most events are for two hours and you can only look 4 hours into the future on the radar.  It is amazing how often the precipitation percentage forecast often changes in your favor once we get closer to your event time and how often we are able to perform our service for you and your guests.  We can play in some light rain or wait-out a passing rain storm if we can do most of your event, but if it will be pouring-down rain the whole time then we will reschedule on a mutual date and your deposit payment is good for one year to redo your event.  The guns just can’t get soaked inside.  We also contact our weekend customers the Wednesday before their event to touch base and go over the details again so at that time we will know if we need to be watching the forecast anyway.

Do you play laser tag in the winter?

Yes. Playing Laser tag in the winter can still be  a lot of fun as long as you and the players are prepared.  If you want, you can be inside by renting a rec gym or a church gym. For normal size birthday party events there is an extra $50.00 for the indoor set-up we perform and the indoor rig that we haul to the event, but for large events it is already included in the package price.  Please encourage participants to dress in layers when we are outside in the cold.  It can be a lot of fun to have a camp fire too as long as you follow “Smokey the Bear’s” advise for outdoor camp fires. We also may have to reschedule if ice, medium or heavy rain or mud conditions are an issue. Churches can host great laser tag events indoors at “Lock In’s” and all nighters in the gym, sanctuary or around the halls.

Do you play laser tag in the hottest parts of the Summer?

Yes, as long as the high is 100 or lower at the time of the event.  The players just need lots of water and generally they move slower. We can take breaks if needed. Mainly, you just need to provide lots to drink, and possibly some shade from a tail gate tent if there is no natural shade.  Another idea I have seen some parents provide is cool wash cloths in a cooler that when placed on a players neck will keep them from over-heating

How far do you travel?

We will travel up to 20 miles from our local zip code (SC 29072 [40 miles round trip for SC location) & in (AZ 85331 for Phoenix location or 86301 for out Prescott location), additional travel fees will apply beyond that. See pricing page. We use mapquest from our zip code to your location to determine the travel distance and fees.

Is there a Reservation Fee?

Yes, reservations are final when I have received 50% of the party fee. Less than 30 days from the event date we will take a credit card over the phone, and if more than 30 days away from the event dater we will accept a check or credit card for the 50 % deposit payment to reserve your slot.  I will hold your spot for one week to allow for the check to go through the mail before calling and canceling reservation. Checks can be mailed to Go Go Laser Tag: Address will be on the invoice that is mailed: call for address.

Do you have a Refund Policy?

First we prefer to work with you to reschedule. If a party needs to be rescheduled, it should be done 10 days or more before the event date. Weather related rescheduling excluded from this policy. If you book a party and cancel with 30 days notice, then you will be eligible for a full refund. Any cancellations made within 30 days of the event will result in a loss of 50% of the event price.

How do we pay you?

We accept cash and checks and credit card. Payment can be made online or over the phone when you receive the invoice. Check payment should be mailed and received within 7 days to reserve a spot if not paid over the phone. Address for payment will be listed on the invoice if you choose to mail a check.