Team Death Match:

Teams start on opposite sides of the Battlefield.

Free For All:

Each player starts with only one 2 (or More Lives Depending on Decision made prior to start).   You can go “Solo” from the Start or you can make Alliances (a mini team of up to 3 Total Players).  Objective in the end though is to be the Last One Standing.

Single Flag (Capture the Flag):

There is Neutral Flag Designated by a Utility Box (Computerized Box) Placed in the Center of the Field that Both Teams Utilize (Capture).  The Box will Upload the Flag to the Players Gun.  Player will run to their Team’s Flag Base Box and Download the Flag into their Box thereby earning for their team 100 Points!  First Team to Score 500 Points will automatically end the game for the Win.  If Flag Runner gets “killed” on the way to their Team’s Base Box, then they will not be able to download the Flag at their Base Box as the Flag will be automatically returned to the Neutral Flag Box in the Center of the Field.  Both Teams can Capture the Flag Simultaneously.  This Game is More Complex and Highly Competitive Requiring all the more Team Work to attain the Victory.

Infection Swarm:

Survive the Infection!  The Infection Vs. The Survivors!  Beware the Hive Queen whose Sting is Venomous!  When a “Survivor” Dies they do not respawn as a Survivor.  They join the Infection.  The Infection spreads very quickly!  Survivors, hold your ground, but look out for any Green and Listen for Changes in any of your Teammates Gun Voices!  

VIP Protect (A.K.A. “Protect the President”):

The game begins where each team is assigned a VIP, and each team knows who the other team’s VIP is. Each VIP has only One Life to Live!  All other players have Unlimited Lives.  A good strategy is for each VIP to have One or Two Secret Service Bodyguards with the VIP at all Times.   The object of the game is for teams to protect their VIP and kill the other team’s VIP. The team that kills the other team’s VIP first wins.  Each Player will be assigned a “Healing Wave” so they can Heal (not Revive) their VIP if their VIP suffers any damage (gets wounded) but be quick about it or they can die right then and thereby your team will lose!  

Free For All “Gun Game”:

No Team, but you can team up if you want!  Start off with a Pistol, but with every Kill get rewarded starting with 2nd Life, then Body Armour, and then Special Weapons from Shot Guns to Machine Guns and Cannons!

Team Sniper:

Each Player is assigned a Sniper Rifle that inflicts 100% Damage.  Luckily each Player will be issued 100 Lives as well, otherwise it would be one short game for a lot of Players!

We will normally play 7 to 10 Games at a 2-hour Party, but sometimes we are able to squeeze in a one or two more.  

*There are other games based on field size and objective of group. We can always gear games towards specific team building goals and objectives.