About Us

Steven Seshun, started with “GoGo Laser Tag” in October 2011 as a way to supplement his corporate aircraft sales income during the on-going recession affecting his career industry of 15 years. When founding principal, Miriam Winkler looked to sell her company in order to support her husband’s new out-of-state job offer, Steven realized it was an opportunity to transition full time to an entirely different industry than business aircraft sales an acquisitions.

“The Winkler Family are such a blessing to me and mine, not to mention so many others in our community. Everything fell into place and it felt right for all of us. I never would have dreamed going from corporate jet and turbo prop sales to Laser Tag, an amusement business! But actually, it suits me quite well! I have enjoyed working with kids at church for years now. I thrive by meeting all the new families and people we serve, and the activity level of this laser tag business has proved to be quite demanding and revitalizing for me.”

“I will forever be grateful to Miriam and her family for their ingenuity and diligence that founded such and exceptional enterprise. I look forward to building a legacy for my family by expounding on this foundation and the favor that God gave me in such a great opportunity and with people like Miriam and her family. Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s ‘Go Go Time!’”